CTC – Michelin tyres offers


Michelin has been a world-leading tyre company in UAE since 1984 that delivers high-quality tyres all over the world. Michelin tyres offer top-tier standards, innovation, rigorous testing, and extended treadwear warranties with mileage limits that reach 100,000 miles for specific models.

When it comes to the best tyre brands, CTC chose Michelin as number one for many reasons. Most prominently, due to the well-balanced performance with incredible low-risk factors. In addition, Michelin tyres with 5 years warranty offer environment-friendly drive on the roads of Dubai - meeting every demand of car drivers in the UAE.

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CTC – Tigar tyres offers


Tigar is a long-established European car tyre brand designed by specialists to provide high levels of safety at an affordable price. Tigar tyres offer an excellent and economical drive to people in UAE because they are widely stocked and produced in a European factory belonging to the Michelin Group of tyres.

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CTC – Sailun tyres offers


With Sailun Tyre shops in Dubai, you can buy car tyres and experience exemplary innovation that satisfies the demands of peak performance. The company never backs down from investing in research and development to ensure continuous improvement in its products. Their core focus is to utilize the most advanced and cost-efficient procedures for tyre distribution and manufacturing.

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